Monday, August 11, 2008

I know I know...I said no more pets BUT....

Last night the tiny kitty was going crazy in the office meowing and really wanting our attention. Of course we go in to see what she is all worked up about.

Turns out she wanted to introduce us to her new friend:

Seems that a bat has taken up residence between the screen and window in our office.
If you think I wasn't freaking out then you don't know me a'tall.
Mittens the Wonder Kitten is on the JOB!
Of course my children are ready to name it, adopt it, make a bat cave, you name it... and check often to see that it is still there. I have heard "OOOOOHHHHH!! It is so tiny and cuuuuuuuttteee!" numerous times.
I have had several people tell me how fortunate we are because bats eat mosquitoes and other annoying bugs. Pardon me...but this lil' fella/gal is going to have to provide me with a nightly tally of his/her spoils before I will be convinced that we are "lucky."
Now I must be off to make some garlic garlands and check necks for puncture wounds.


Matt said...

How can something be so creepy and so cute at the same time?

Matt said...

Um, that was coming from Ali. Got to remember to switch over servers...