Sunday, June 01, 2008

I am going to change the title and focus of my blog

I think I will call it The Sick Room and it will be a chronicle of the massive amounts of illness my family members go through.

Why the change, you might be asking?

Because apparently that is what the people in this house do. They get sick, get well for two days and then get something else. The sister blog will be titled Why I am a Cranky Bitch. That will be a forum for me to rant and rave about how F-U-C-K-I-N-G tired I am of the illness that seems to abound around here.

So to give you the run down....a few weeks ago we had one down with strep, quickly followed by some kind of hideous rash. That was only a few weeks after #2 had a sinus infection, and BH had some kind of plague that left him practically bedridden for 10 days. Since about October I would be willing to bet that we have not gone for more than a month without someone coming down with some illness. #2 has really more than surpassed her quota this year. I plan to have a LONG and DETAILED disucssion about her what feel like chronic sinus issues at her upcoming "well child" visit. I only hope it's well child.

#2 has yet another sinus thing going on that leaves her with a hacking cough and constant sniffles. BH has spent the better part of this weekend down with some kind of stomach ailment.

#1 and I have been fairly illness free, except for her bout of strep and rashickiness. Me....just a cold here and there. Of course now I have jinxed myself and will likely end up with some vile thing by tomorrow morning.

So that is why I am making changes...because this apparently is what consumes me and makes me a cranky bitch.


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Valerie said...

Oh wait we've got a good virus to add to your collection if you really want it. It's a doozy. Oh man. *cough*