Friday, June 06, 2008


That about sums up this week.

It has just been one long string of small annoyances that have built up with each day that has passed.

It started off with my car being the victim of a flash flood in the parking lot at work and has ended with a mysterious illness in one of my in-law's cats.

Now I am sure a couple of you are wondering why the in-law kitty thing would be upsetting.

My father in law got the cats as a "birthday present" to himself a couple of years ago. He chose this birthday present mainly, nay entirely because my children had spotted some kittens up for adoption at Petsmart and could.not.stop.talking.about.them.

Grandpa is the man who cain't say no to his grandchildren and so he wound up adopting both kittens.

My children consider these cats to be their pets, and they help care for the cats as much as possible. We have made many trips to grandma and grandpa's for the sole purpose of visiting/playing with the kitties.

This week one of the kitties stopped eating and is having a lot of difficulty getting around. They took her to the vet and many tests have been run and they are having a very difficult time figuring out what is wrong. They could spend about a grand and make a trip out of town to get a kitty MRI, that may or may not help the diagnosis. At this point they are opting against the MRI. For today the kitty is at the vet for observation and medication. The vet is fairly sure the problem is located in the spinal column, but he is not sure what exactly the problem is.

In short, things do not look good for this cat.

#2 has burst in to tears about 3 times this evening over the issue. She considers this cat to be hers. (Each of them claimed one of the kitties as their own.)

We have not experienced a pet loss of this magnitude. If you read this blog with any regularity you are well aware of the passion my children have for pets. So if this cat dies, you can rest assured there will be mass amounts of grief.

So please readers who make themselves known and readers who lurk silently...please send positive healing kitty thoughts our way.

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