Saturday, June 21, 2008

If this blog were a child I would be turned in to SRS for neglect

Y'know somehow I seem to think or at the very least mistakenly recall that once the school year ends life slows down at Chez Us.

That just doesn't seem to be the case this summer, or maybe I am just delusional, addled, or suffering from some other similar condition when thinking back on past summer vacations.

Perhaps things will slow down after this next week is over. Camps will be done, BH will be finished with his class, and the musical he got drafted to participate in last week will be over.

That will give us just a few weeks before our trip to the Smoky Mountains. Just a few days after we get back from that trip it will be time for BH to return to teaching and a week after that time for the children to return to school.

Yeesh. I can't think about all of that or my head will go funny.

We have accomplished none of the things we set out to do this summer to the house and other areas of our lives.

Well I take that back, we did manage to plant flowers, herbs, and veggies. That is the only thing on our list so far that has gotten any attention.

We have been so busy that the thought of taking such a long trip is beginning to seem daunting to me, and I am having bad thoughts about scrapping it and staying home. We won't and shouldn't do that of course, but it has crossed my mind, which is a sad thing especially when I take in to account the fact that it has been something like 4 years since we had a vacation. We'll go it will be fun, and I will be glad we went in the end.

Well kids, it is getting late and tomorrow is the day for the monthly family dinner. This month it is simple. Oh so gloriously simple. We are ordering pizza and making homemade ice cream. Then we can sit outside and play and play and play, as #1 used to say when she was a wee one.

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