Saturday, August 26, 2006

Thank goodness I haven't lost my Mojo

My baking Mojo that is.

My past couple of attempts have shall I say this?

Less than stellar?

Complete crap?


All of the above?

I dunno what the deal was, but tonight ...I'M BACK BABY!

Made some blueberry lemon muffins that were quite tasty if I say so myownself.

I am quite relieved, as it would be really sad for me if I lost my ability to bake.

The only unfortunate thing is that we have to go to church tomorrow and the muffins have to go with us. (Sunday school graduation or somesuch and apparently #1 is being presented with a Bible or something like that. Otherwise I would be sleepin' in tomorrow, and likely not enjoying any muffins at all.)

Huh......maybe it was DIVINE intervention.


jLow said...

Hey Missy - thanks for commenting on my blog. You made my week.

Now if I eat some blueberry lemon muffins with a Diet Dr. Pepper - it's all 0 calories, right?

Missy said...

Yes, I do believe that is how the caloric intake mathematical formula works. In my world anyway.

Also, fat, sugar, and calorie filled desserts do not count if you eat them at work.