Saturday, September 02, 2006

This is some crap I tell ya!

I feel it is my duty to warn you that the following entry will contain mass quantities of whining.

I am not sure what it is about this family and the long holiday weekends lately but we seem to be having a run of not so great luck on those precious occasions.

The last holiday weeked was spent traveling to attend a funeral.

This one is not quite as depressing, but irksome none the less.

So far:
  • Beloved husband is ill with some vile cold - like illness, and we had plans to go to Worlds of Fun tomorrow.
  • Our clothes dryer bit the dust last night and we spent this morning laying down some serious money to replace it.
  • We had to replace our DVD player today because IT shot crap about two weeks ago.
  • I had to drag two loads of wet laundry over to the in-laws because our new dryer won't be here until Monday. (Of course I did not discover the dryer issue until I innocently went down last night to change the laundry only to find that the clothes in the dryer were just as wet as they were when I started the thing.)
  • My clever planning that was going to leave me a household chore free Monday has totally been blown to bits by all of this. I may have fewer chores howeever if Beloved is too ill to traipse all over WOF tomorrow, but I will still have to do laundry because of the stinkin' dryer situation.

I would really like to know how our major appliances and other expensive items seem to know when we get some extra money. I promise you every time that happens to us...something breaks down. Of course we always say, "Thank goodness we had that extra money to deal with the situation." But Damn! I would like to use that extra money for other planned things like....oh say... paying off debt, or doing something fun. Don't seem to work that way for us lately. I'm thinking we need to figure out a way to build up some excess good Karma or something.

On a better note, while we were handing out money by the fistfulls today we did purdhase Season 3 of Arrested Development. Perhaps roaring laughter will help ease our woes.

I did get a darn nice dryer though. Of course now I want the matching fancy washer too. I will live without it however.

Maybe for Thanksgiving. I think that is the next holiday weekend.

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