Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Busy and plain ol' tired

I was doing better there for a while with keeping up on the posts, but I seem to have fallen off once again. Probably won't be much improvement for the next month or so, as my time spent in rehearsal increases as the weeks go by...and evenings are the only time I gots to do the blog thang.

Life is busy busy at chez us. Beloved has held auditions for his first show at the new school. Good turnout and he seems to be excited. He is still crazy busy with work. That will not be improving any time soon with the advent of rehearsals next week.

#1 has begun orchestra at school. She will be following in her mother's footsteps by playing the violin. (I tried hard to encourage the viola or cello, but it was a no go.) She is exercising her creative writing skills with amusing stories about grandma and grandpa's new kittens that include some darn impressive vocabulary words.

#2 is way pumped and ready to become a girl scout. Guess who is going to be an assistant girl scout leader? When they asked at the informational meeting if there were any parents interested in being leaders #2 clutched my arm and looked at me pleadingly with those big ole green eyes and the deal was sealed. Because I don't have enough to occupy my time right now.

Moi...I rehearse for my 10 minutes (maybe) of stage time. Having fun working on the accent. Director is very pleased with my efforts so far, I am not sure why..still sounds off to me. Started my tap dancing class this week. I am not naturally gifted in this area it would seem. I will just add it to the list of activities that I am not particularly good at. I think I am old enough now and had enough experience for that list to actually be a long scroll. Had fun though.

But more importantly Brittney had her baby..maybe. Whitney Houston is getting separated....Jennifer Aniston is the best-dressed...Patrick Dempsey is going to be a father again...Diddy is having twins. I just don't know where to stop! Luckily my fatigue and schedule have not affected my ability to keep up on celebrity gossip. That would be a travesty.

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Ali said...

Okay, now I need a list of the things you've tried that you're not particularly good at. Please indulge.