Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Love your word choice! 100% A+


Dear Plouto,

I am sorry you aren't a planet anymore. You must feel dejected. I still belive you are a planet, no matter what scientests say. I think its kind of silly. Not to mention unkind. Xina should be a planet to. How is Charon? I believe he is a planet to. These scientests are driving me crazy. Oh, Jupiter and Saturn the kittens like you. Your Friend,

Plouto and Charon and Xina are

(insert drawings of planets here)


(Letter written by #1 at school to Pluto regarding her feelings on Pluto's new status.)


Ali said...

I'm with #1. Plouto is totally still a planet.

Valerie said...

Planets (or other heavenly bodies) have feelings too!

Yeah, let's just grandfather-clause the guy in. I mean c'mon nobody thought about this when they saw that it had a completely different orbit from the other planets? What took them so long?