Friday, September 15, 2006

Ask and ye shall receive

Ali asked for it and I have decided to deliver.

Things I am not particularly good at:

1. Tap Dancing
2. Crochet
3. Singing
4. Being pleasant in the morning.
5. Any thing that remotely resembles math.
6. Leaving messages on answering machines.
7. Thinking on my feet.
8. Taking tests.
9. Improvisational acting.
10. Impersonating Wolfman Jack.
11. Looking at people I don't like when I have to talk to them.
12. Drawing anything besides stick people.
13 .Photography.
14. Remembering to correspond with friends and loved ones who live far away.
15. Being nurturing at 2:00 AM when #2 has awakened me because she had a scary dream. Especially when that scary dream was she lost a marble and couldn't find it.
16. Being patient.
17. Following a budget.
18. Not procrastinating.
19. Debating.
20. Making fluted edges on a pie crust.
21. Solving riddles and brain teasers.
22. Anything that involves good spatial skills.
23. Saying no when asked to do something I don't want to do without providing an excuse.
24. Writing interesting, thought provoking, or creative blog posts.

I think that is enough. I begin to depress myself.


Ali said...

My favorite:

Impersonating Wolfman Jack

Seriously, that is awesome. And I want to be treated to an attempt next time I'm home.

Missy said...

I am not sure I can even attempt it without going in to convulsions of laughter, but I will do my best.

It really is terrible.