Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pirate for a day

Today as you may or may not know is National Talk Like a Pirate Day.

My place of employment decided to celebrate this important notsomuch a holiday by having a secret pirate...thingy.

Here is what happened. Three pirates were identified at each building. Employees ask other employees, "Are you the (insert my place of employment here) Pirate?"

If like ME you were the pirate, then you gave that person a $5 gift card to a local establishment and a badge saying they found the pirate. Then I got to put a badge on my door telling everyone that I was a pirate.

Kinda dorky, okay really dorky but it was fun, and the person who found me was very excited and happy to have won the gift card.

Always nice to improve another person's day don't you think?

1 comment:

Ali said...

I want to be a pirate. Maybe I should do something like that with Matt! Except then we'd just be giving each other $5 gift cards which, while still exciting, is less fun when they're coming out of a joint checking account...