Monday, September 04, 2006

The pile grows and my glass is half empty this weekend. I should probably fill it with bourbon.

Yes our pile of crap from this long holiday weekend has and continues to grow.

So to add to the list:

  • Beloved Husband spent $116 on donuts yesterday morning. That'd be $5 for the donuts and $111 for the ticket he got for making a bad left turn. (He turned into the right hand lane instead of the left lane (like most people do.) That horrendously dangerous move is apparently worth $111 to our city's finest. I guess they do need extra money right now to cover all these bad guys they have to shoot and kill. (I might be less antagonistic on a better day.)
  • #2 knocked a nearly full syrup bottle off a shelf in the pantry and it broke spilling syrup all over the floor. I was less than nurturing and kind about the whole deal.
  • Our washing machine is now leaking a pretty decent amount of water on the floor.
  • We got sunburns at Worlds of Fun.
  • Got our new dryer today, but had to dismantle parts of our basement to get it down there. (Took off two doors, and a ledge then the guys had to to carry it off the side of the stairs instead of going all the way to the bottom.)
  • I spent 30 minutes waiting for $23 hotdogs/hamburger at Worlds of Fun.
  • I had Republicans at my house.
  • Two of the three stands I tried to purchase ice cream from at Worlds of Fun did not have the standard flavors one usually looks for when buying ice cream, then when we did find one we got surly wait staff who instead of asking what I would like just stared at me until I spoke up. This was after I watched one person take and fill the order of the person in front of me while another person stood and stared.
  • It would appear that the DVD player we have downstairs (the one we use while we exercise) is crapping out now.
  • My throat is starting to hurt, thus leading me to believe that I am starting to catch the yuck that Beloved has had all weekend.
  • Once again the check engine light is on in my car because the gas cap refuses to stay tight despite the fact that I turn it the required number of times AND the gas cap has been replaced.

I think that about covers it.

I am actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow. Although I am afeared that this trail of crap is going to follow me in to my work week.

Here's hoping.

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jLow said...

okay - take this, it's a big ole hug from lil ole me.

Here's to hoping your week gets better and your glass gets fuller!