Monday, November 06, 2006

Kirstie Alley Dons Bikini....

Yeah, once again this post title comes to you from the first thing I saw on my sidebar.

I won't lie and say that I didn't check out the article.

I did.

Really was not worth the time it took.


Tomorrow is election day!

Please get out and take care of your civic duty.

There is actually a tiny bit of hope here in Kansas that we will see some conservative losses. I am by no means holding my breath...but this is the most hope we lone liberals out here have had well...I think just about since I was old enough to vote.

So I likely will turn on the ol' boob toob tomorrow evening to watch the results.

I will be watching the results in the comfort of my freshly cleaned house courtosey of some people I lovingly refer to as the cleaning fairies.

Yes dear readers I have bitten the bullet (it was sweet and rich my friends like a bar of Ghiradelli Dark Chocoloate) and hired a cleaning service to come and spread their magic over our abode once a month.

Y'see having a house that is not clean causes me UNDUE stress. I blame my mother who never allowed our house to be dirty when I was growing. Now my standards are no where near hers (as I am sure she would be glad to tell you) but I gots to have it clean 'round here or mama gets cranky. Since I often forgo cleaning so as to actually try and spend quality time with the kiddos or just to get other things done. Hence Mama was getting cranky a lot.

My house is not small, and it takes Beloved, the kids, and I a couple o'days to get it cleaned IF we have kept things straightened up. If we have to straighten it'll take a week.

Speaking of...we have lived in this house about 4 years and man have we acquired some CRAP. Massive loads of it that must go soon. I dunno how we did it. We moved here from a MUCH MUCH tinier house, our belongings no where near filled out this place. That ain't so now. We need a garage sale and big ass trip to the dump soon.

So now the fairies come and do the tough work once a month and we do maintenance in between. Mama is less cranky now. Although it has not afforded me the massive amounts of extra time that were so sweetly present in my fantasies about the cleaning fairies. Oh well....I ain't complaining mind you...merely........noticing.

Now I must end my blogging. I have two more rooms to make cleaning fairy ready (it is hard for the fairies to work their magic when all surfaces and floors are covered with stuff), 20 minutes of exercise time to get to yet tonight and YIKES! It's already 9:30. Crap.

Don't forget to vote!!


Ali said...

First off, you could've gotten HELLA more mileage out of Kirstie's bikini bonanza. (To be fair, she's lost a ton of weight AND she's 55. I'll give her mucho props for that. And for appearing on national TV without having visible plastic surgery. She's braver than me. I will mock her choice of bikini though. What was that mesh/bodystocking thing?)

Second, don't take your stuff to the dump where it will fester in landfills for decades. Take it to Goodwill where someone might actually be about to reuse it AND you can get the tax write off. It's a win-win, baby!

Missy said...

I should specify, that which goes to the dump are items that are not goodwill or garage sale acceptable. All that is not sold at the garage sale goes to Goodwill. We are talking trash that the garbage men will not take away for one reason or another, (OK because we have the cheapest plan available which means no more than the one can alotted to us.) Usuallythis is not a problem but we still have come across junk that came with the house that we never got rid of. We also need to make a run to have a bunch of yard waste turned in to mulch. Truthfully though, that stuff will be well on it's way to compost by the time we get around to that chore. It is important to have good compost for the weeds that grow behind our garage.