Sunday, November 19, 2006

William wants a doll!

I VOWED that I was going to go to bed on time tonight if not early.

So here it is 11:41 and I ain't even taken out the contacts yet.

I have developed a very bad habit of going to bed really late recently, and sooner or later it is really going to knock me on my ass I am sure.

Until then...

Had our little mini-vacation this weekend. It got off to a bit of a rocky beginning but we had a good time despite the less than stellar start.

Long story made short:

#2's Dr. appointment took far longer than we expected and we were not fully released from restricitons. We hit the road as soon as the appointment ended and decided to stop for gas outside Lawrence. Filled her up..turned the key. No go. Tried in vain a few more times and spotted a tow truck behind us. Tow truck guy offered to give a jump, it was successful but we decided we had better go back home and switch cars. No other major mishaps after that thankfully, we got there later than planned but all was well.

We watched Free to be You and Me tonight with the kiddies. I used to love it when we got to watch it every year in grade school. It stands the test of time..the girls loved it. I think the soundtrack will be my next itunes purchase. I did have some funny grownup thoughts about some parts. Especially the scene near the end where Marlo Thomas and all of her "friends" were sitting around a fire with guitars singing a song. I imagined what really went on with Marlo and her friends.

It had nothing to do with guitars and singing.

So I can not get enthusiastic about the upcoming Thanksgiving Holliday. Let me clarify I am enthusiastic about the 5 days off, I am NOT enthusiastic about the actual day, dinner, and upcoming preparations. The festivities are at my house again this year and at last count if everyone shows up who has said that they intend to come we should have about 46 people at the house.

That number could have something to do with my lack of enthusiasm.

I am worried that there won't be enough chairs.

My beloved suggested that we pretend we are at Sonic and just deliver food to people and let them eat in their cars.

My mother did not find that idea amusing.

I thought it was funny as hell.


hubby said...

What I found ironic and somewhat disturbing was watching and hearing Michael Jackson sing about how he didn't need to change at all to be a good person when he grew up.

I was also crushed to discover that Rosie Greer couldn't actually play the guitar. I started to cry a little when I realized that, but as I listened to what Rosie was saying in his song, I realized that it was all right to cry. And maybe that's what Rosie was preparing me for all along: that life is full of disappointments and shattered dreams and that it's all right to express the grief you feel when you experience that happening.

Ali said...

46 PEOPLE?! That, my friends, is insane.

Man, I love "Free To Be". Rosie Greer goes through my head every single time I cry, I swear to Christmas. Are the babies still funny after all these years? I recall them being HILARIOUS.

The Girl in Black said...

Good luck surviving today! Hope y'all have fun.

Beloved's idea of opening your Sonic business is brilliant! Sounds like a very practical and profitable plan!