Sunday, October 16, 2005

All Hail Missy...Queen of Domesticity

(Insert Queenly Wave Here)

Yes...I am the Queen of all things domestic, wifely, and motherly today. I have laundered the clothing of my beloved husband and children. Cleaned the top floor of the Boyer Castle. Cooked a delicious meal that actually involved chopping, grating, sauteeing, and the use of several pans. Trashed the Royal Kitchen in the process. Broke the Royal Decree that one who cooks does not have to clean up...because the Royal Kitchen was in such AWFUL disarray after my queenly cooking extravaganza.

Of course a Queen is nothing without her court. HRH Jeffrey.. King of the Boyer Domicile was right by my Queenly side assisting with all domestic duties today. Princesses #1 and #2 also did their part as well.

So now things are winding down at Boyer Castle. The Princesses are tucked in to their beds, and the King and Queen are now preparing to retire to the Royal Basement to fold laundry and walk upon the Royal Treadmill while watching TV.

Who says the life of a Royal is easy?

Ta for now.


Ali said...

But when do you have time to get your faces engraved on coins?

Ted Carter said...

OK, Missy, no more Renaissance Festival for you. Looks like you've had too much already...

Missy said...

They came and snapped pictures while we were in the throes of our domestic chore bliss. Look for the coins to be minted in 2007.