Monday, October 24, 2005

#@$!% Technology

I should be working on paperwork for my paying job, but I can't get logged on to the system for some reason this morning. So since I can't do my real work, I guess I will just blog.

I love technology and I love it that I can do at least part of my job from the comfort of my own home when I choose. I find however that I have no patience at all when the technology I have grown to love and depend on does not work. It does not bring out the best in me I must say.

What is really neat is that as I am writing this my computer continues without success to connect to the system at work.

Driving me @!#%$&(! crazy.

So before I curse in front of # 2 I think I will calmly shut down my computer and do something else.

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Ted Carter said...

Technology has certainly been a huge detriment to our patience as a society. By making things faster and more readily accessible MOST of the time, it means we react much more quickly than we would have before.

But, before we couldn't kill time by blogging, either, so I guess we have to take the good with the bad, right?