Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I Got nothin' to say to you

Well kids, I am fresh out of ideas for today. It really is a pity that I can not discuss what goes on at my job...I have some GREAT stories.

I would like to keep my job and my license, so I must stay silent.

Life for me is not exactly blog entry inspiring at this point. At this time of year my existence is a bit like a revolving door of work, seeing after the home and children, sleep, work, seeing after the home and children...You get the idea.

My beloved is gone quite a bit tending to his high school musical directorial duties, and as production nears he will be gone even more.

Thus it is nearly time for my annual reflection on why I would never make it as a single parent. This usually involves me forcing my beloved to swear his undying love and devotion to me, and I extract my yearly promise from him that he will never divorce me because I don't do solo parenting NEARLY as well as I do duet parenting. I really like him too, so I make sure to throw that in too, for good measure.

It happens every school year usually around the first or second week of November, or about two weeks prior to production time. Like clockwork. I do like my routines.

Maybe I should have guest writers or something.

#1 could share her short story, "Hamlet the Talking Dog." A riveting story about a dog who can talk in human language. Ask her about it next time you see her. She worked very hard on this book and is quite willing to share it with others.

Maybe I could start a forum. I have always wanted to do that.

That would require a topic.

I really don't have one.


Ali said...

Seriously, single parents? Don't know how they do it. I'm totally gonna write about that. And Halle Berry's toes.

Ted Carter said...


I feel for you. Right about at the beginning of tech week whenever Kayla is in a show, I feel the same thing. I have enormous respect for single parents, because the time between tech week and the closing of the show can be LOOOONG.

I also know what you're saying about the job thing. I would love to spend a lot more time talking about our new Commissioner, but Kayla kindly reminded me of how this could be a very bad career move should certain folks in the agency ever get wind of my blog. So I try to avoid this topic when I can. But some times it is really hard.

And now you know why I came up with my occasional poll questions. Or quoting news blurbs off of Yahoo. The only alternative is to do a series of blog entries that all say "Same Shit, Different Day."