Monday, October 17, 2005

And to think that I saw it on Mulvane Street

Earlier this evening while I was making pasta, a horse named Ginger gave birth to 14 colts in the space of 30 minutes. This was not a case of in-vitro fertilization. These (with the exception of a few) were single birth episodes. It seems that this is birthing season for Ginger.

Now if you think that was amazing, I strongly urge you to sit down right now before you read any more.

A stallion named Bronco gave birth to triplet colts, shortly after Ginger birthed her last colt.

This was all just before dinner.

You just never know what will happen in your own home.

Mother/Father and babies are all doing well by the way.


Ted Carter said...

Yeah, our house is frequented by Spider-Man and his friends, and sometimes there are Mutant Turtles, cartoon animals throwing pies at robots in three-piece suits, buildings that are constructed and destroyed in the space of ten minutes' time, and frequent battles over who gets to choose the TV channel. Never a dull moment...

Ali said...

Oh my God, I totally didn't realize that this was the kids' doing. I was about to call up the Enquirer and get me some rent money!