Friday, October 07, 2005

These Boots Were Made for Walking

I made a rookie parenting mistake yesterday. Not of the damage your child psychologically for life variety thank goodness. This one was just inconvenient and resulted in an open invitation for much whining from our youngest daughter, who we sometimes refer to as number 2 in my house. (Because we have two daughters and she was born second, not becuase we liken her to anything that happens in the bathroom.) Now number two had school pictures today and I like my kids to look cute at picture time. I have had the outfit in mind for quite some time, leopard print skirt, and a well coordinated shirt with a butterfly whose wings happen to be leopard print as well and really cute leopard spot tights too. All you girls out there reading this know what is missing...the perfect shoes or boots in this case. I stopped by the mall yesterday to get the perfect boots for my darling child. My rookie parenting mistake was two fold. 1. I did not take the chid with me to try on the shoes. 2. I tried to pretend that the size I knew was too small would probably fit becuase they looked big enough. They were also the last pair in the store. They were really adorable too. REALLY. So I blatantly ignored all reasonable thoughts in my head and bought those boots. Last night before bed I have #2 try on the boots. #2 immediately screams, "OWIE OWIE OWIE OWIE!" loud enough to be heard in the next state. To which I sympathetically reply, "Are you sure these really hurt?" The screaming and wailing just wasn't quite convincing enough apparently. My rookie mistake led to a very rushed trip to Walmart before school this morning coupled with prayers to the Shoe Gods that there would be something acceptable in her size. The Shoe Gods heard my pleas and came through. Of course there was more than one acceptable style so we wound up with two new pairs of shoes. Both extremely stylish of course. Regardless of what my beloved husband thinks a girl just can't have too many pairs of shoes. (I got her to school on time too. So there.)
P.S. I overslept this morning and had to iron clothes, arrange a cute hair style on a reluctant 4 year old, in addition to the Walmart expedition. Just want you all to fully appreciate this amazing feat.


the beloved husband said...

You make ten or twelve harmless comments about your wife's irrational desire for shoes, and suddenly you're some kind of Shoe Ogre.

And let it be said in my defense that by her own admission, the woman does pray to Shoe Gods.

I, myself, am a Shoe God agnostic, deferring to the scientific opinions of Dr. Scholls.

Ali said...

"But honey, grown up women wear uncomfortable shoes all the TIME. Sometimes they pay a whole lot of money for them too!"

Ted Carter said...

Yeah, I keep thinking about mentioning to my wife the fact that my hanging clothes and shoes seem to be getting squeezed out of the closet by her apparel, but then I decide I really do like sleeping in my own bed, so I don't say anything.

As for squeezing kids into clothes; this time of year is the worst; pulling out all the long pants and long-sleeved clothes from last season only to discover that not a single one of them still fit. Dang kids need to quit growing. Needless to say, there's been a LOT of "are you sure that's too tight, sweetie?" going on at the Carter household...