Sunday, January 07, 2007

12 Years and Counting

The Mister and I have been married for TWELVE YEARS as of today.


Our marriage is entering adolescence.

We still have an awfully good time together and I must say that Beloved is still my favorite person to hang out with.

Our usual celebratory dinner and movie took place last night. (Oh yeah we admired our living room area rug too as anniversary was part of the package justification for buying it deal.)

Am I really old enough for all of this?

I ask that question A LOT lately.

But more on that another time.

Here's to another twelve years (plus many MANY more of course) with my SB.

With an incredible abundace of love,



Ali said...

Please tell me it was a good movie. Twelve years deserves a good movie.

Missy said...

Well we went to see Holiday. I don't know if it is going to win any prestiguious awards, but we both enjoyed it and the plot was all about lovey dovey romance stuff which seemed appropriate for celebrating an anniversary. And Jude Law is one sexy bitch, nanny boinking or not.