Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It gets better from here on out I am sure

I have to say that our New Year is not off to the most fantastic start.

It started off on New Year's Eve with a sickly child.

The first and second days were fine enough.

Today or more specifically tonight not so good.

Car accident.

Everyone is ok obviously or I would not be writing this entry, but I have to say it was the worst accident I have been in since high school.

We were going down a fairly busy street here in town when a young man in a SUV got confused and thought that he was at a four way stop sign and it was his turn to go. Problem is, it was a two way stop and he did not have a clear intersection because we were in it. So he slammed in to the driver's side of the car.

Driver's door is smashed in totally and it broke the window on the driver's door. It was dark so there may be more damage we weren't able to see. Frankly what was visible was enough for me. The car was driveable, but it was a chilly ride home for my honey. Grandma and Grandpa came and took me and the littles home. Beloved was driving so took the brunt of the impact and he is fine thank the Good Lord. The girls are fine. They were a little shaken up, but have handled it very well.

I suspect there may be some stiff muscles tomorrow, but that is ok. Better that than something else.

Now I am off to recouperate from our trauma with a little Office (American version, we just finished the BBC version. HI-Larious. Check it out if you haven't yet.) and something that resembles dessert.


Ali said...

Oh Jesus! Thank God you guys are okay. How freaked out was the kid who hit you? (Wasn't I in an accident with you and Ted's missus in high school?)

Ted Carter said...

Glad to hear no one was hurt. Always scary to realize how dangerous cars can be.

Missy said...


The kid that hit us seemed to feel really bad, especially once he knew that there were kids in the car. He was appropriately remorseful.

Yes Ali that was you in the car with me and K-la in high school. Fun times.

What is amazing is how much it costs to repair these cars. The damage estimate by the insurance company was almost as much as what we owe on the car, and he said that the actual cost will be more than the estimate as they will find damage that he couldn't see when the body shop tears in to it to do the repair. Basically they will repair the majority of the left side of the car and the door has to be completely replaced. We will have to take a picture of it. Truly was lucky that Beloved made it with out so much as a scratch.