Sunday, January 14, 2007

Haaaapppyyy Biiirrrtthhhddaaay toooo...

My most beloved husband. He is now as old as moi. So for the next two months and one day he can not make jokes about his wife being older than he is.

Because now we are the SAME AGE.

I don't care what all you math minded people out there say.

Since it was cold and very sleety out we opted to stay in most of the day. I am trying not to complain about the weather as I am somewhat relieved to see that we are actually experiencing a little bit of winter. Disappointed that we did not get the snow they had predicted as it would have been fun to play in over this three-day weekend.

Not too much happening. It always seems that we hit a lull in activity after winter break. I don't mind much really, as it seemed that since school started we have been crazy making busy.

Stuff I have been thinking about:

The environment, and personal changes me and my family need to make in regard to reducing our negative impact. Mostly in the thinking stages now. We have been doing a few things such as buying more organic products. Being conscious of shutting off lights. (This may not seem like much but we got a lotta rooms in this house and we have not been so good about keeping unoccupied rooms unlit.) Like I said..still in the thinking stages here's hoping for more action soon.

Goals. I have set some and so far I am making progress. Woo Hoo.

Brownies. There are some downstairs and I want one with a glass of milk.

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