Sunday, February 04, 2007

Things likely won't improve over the next month

I know posting has been spotty lately, leaving the two of you who read this in the lurch and for that I apologize.

Things aren't likely to improve much over the next month or so.

I rehearse every evening M-F until the show opens at the end of Feb, which significantly interferes with my ability to waste time on my computer.

Not much is new. The show is coming along I suppose. I really have forgotten how much I hate the blocking process. The past few shows I have done have not required it, so it has been awhile.

I have successfully avoided leaving the house all weekend. I am not sorry about it either. #2 is illin' so we laid low.

Guess what!

Beloved just confessed that he watched some of You're the One That I Want. So Ali, you have a partner in shame now.

Beloved also has let me know that he is ready to pester someone after spending the last hour flipping through TV channels, and I am the only one up. Seeing as how I am a good wife I will say Adios and let my honey commence with pestering me.

Nighty night!

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