Sunday, February 11, 2007

I'm glad I wasn't disappointed

I have been looking forward to seeing The Police perform on the Grammy Awards ever since I heard about it a couple of weeks ago. I was a tiny bit apprehensive as sometimes these things just don't live up to my expectations.

My worries were:

1. They would sing Every Breath You Take.

2. The performance would be a medley of hits. (I hate a medley)

3. It would just suck in general.

4. Sting would no longer be a hottie.

Most of my worries were dumb and not likely to occur I know, but sometimes I am just unreasonable.

Supposedly they are going to embark on a tour.

If they are near I will be seeing them.

Beloved has been prepared for this, and the savings will now begin as I don't imagine this will be a cheap show.

Now I need to find something to eat. I am trying very hard not to become sick and it has got my appetite out of whack. So I must locate something for dinner that is not crazy to eat at 9:00 PM.

Damn germs.

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The Girl in Black said...

We'll have to double-date with yous all. My resident rock has been a'buzz since the news of their performance and tour. We will also be attending a tour stop anywhere within reasonable distance.

Sadly, my boy was a day late and dollar short to catch the TV performance. I don't know why he thought the Grammys were on Monday night. By the time he asked me, it was too late.

Though at the time of the opening Grammy performance, we were watching Stewart's "Everyone Stares" DVD. So we were with them in spirit.