Monday, January 09, 2006

Shameless plug on behalf of my friend

Now I think it is important to use one's blog for worthy causes, such as helping out a friend.

I have a friend. Let's call her.....Poopie.

My friend has a birthday coming up in about two weeks give or take.

Compose yourself people because this story gets a little emotional now.

My friend Poopie has never EVER had a professional manicure OR pedicure.

This is a tragedy folks (Ted).

Real tragedy.

The good news is that this tragedy can be turned around and a happy ending is within reach.

How?! I am sure all of you (Ted) are asking. What can be done?!!

The answer is simple my friends. (Ted)...

A gift certificate to the spa for a mani, and pedi.

Such a simple gesture, that will bring happiness and joy to Poopie's birthday.

May I recommend Bella Spa and Salon on 21st Street next to Maximus Fitness and just down the way from the Goodwill Store? They do lovely work there.

Take the plunge (Ted) and create even more joy by giving that gift certificate with pre-arranged appointments. (Bonus points are available for this extra step.)

Go on do it.

You (Ted) won't be sorry.

This shameless plug was in no way influenced by the potential recipient of the proposed gift.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Wench for the wonderful advertising plug on behalf on my birthday wish! Hopefully, although I'm not holding my breath, he (my hubby) got the hint. I would think it was obvious, but boys don't seem to pick up on subtle clues much. K-la

Ted Carter said...

I can't help but feel you're trying to tell me something, Missy, but I can't quite figure it out...