Sunday, January 08, 2006

My new addiction

Yesterday marked the 11th anniversary of the marriage between me and my Beloved.

Yes there exists someone out there who has been willing to live with me for 11 whole years, AND seems inclined to continue.

Actually he has lived with me longer than 11 years (we lived in "sin" (according to some of my more devout family members that is a story for another posting perhaps) for a year prior to getting hitched, and we have been a couple for almost (gulp) 14 years. That is a long time my friends, and I don't feel old enough to have been with someone that long.

But I digress...on to my new addiction!

For Christmas my Beloved bestowed upon me one of my favorite gifts from him to date. A gift certificate to a local spa where I would be the recipient of a manicure, pedicure and a ONE HOUR massage.

Needless to say I was thrilled! He also took the time to schedule the appointments on our anniversary, so that I could spend an afternoon being pampered and getting pretty THEN go out on the town with my honey. What a man, it was like getting TWO gifts.

Now I am not what you would call a girly girl. I have gone through periods of time when I have attended to such things as painted nails and toes, but generally I do not place priority on such things. So this was the first time I had ever had a professional mani or pedi.

I am officially hooked. I want this treatment weekly. I can not stop looking at my pretty feet and hands. I am really sad that it is winter and too cold to wear sandals so that others may enjoy the gorgeous vision that are my feet right now.

I told my beloved that he could feel free to bestow this particular gift on all future occasions that call for such a thing.

I am ready to re-do the budget to accomodate my new found joy. (Ok make up a budget that would include this!)

I am ready to be a GIRL!!!!!!!


Ali said...

But how was the massage?

Missy said...

Oh it was very good. I have had those before so it was less of a novelty I guess.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous- I've never had a professional manicure or pedicure. I think it might be high time to give it a shot. I think I may have to ask for a day at the spa for my birthday. Happy anniversary to you both! K-la

The Girl in Black said...

Of all the addictions to have, you can say this is one of the healthiest.

Enjoy yourself!

Missy said...

I highly recommend the mani and pedi now that I have experienced it. The only problem is that now I have NO desire to do my own.

I will see what I can do K-la to help you on your b-day quest.

Valerie said...


Oh and way to stick together :)