Thursday, January 05, 2006

Troubling Signs

I was driving down 21st today and either just before or just after I crossed Topeka Blvd. (I can't remember now) I noticed this huge billboard for an organization I believe is called PFOX. Apparently this organization is parents and friends of ex-gays.

I don't even know where to begin on this one, but it has bothered me all day.

This is yet another time I wish I had that digital camera so I could post a picture. If you are driving out that way look for it and tell me what you think.


The Girl in Black said...

I think it's another shameful reminder that we are victims in a red state.

I know of which you speak. The organization claims to be "parents and friends of exgays promoting tolerance and acceptance for all." Or some such BS.

The fact they feel compelled to put some brainwashed cult member out to the public as "converted" makes me distrust them immediately.

Exgays aren't converted. They're at best bisexual. At worst, wracked by guilt into going back to society's ideal of a "correct" lifestyle. It's nauesating that anyone with the PFOX organization isn't constantly being struck by lightning.

Missy said...

Yeah it is very disturbing. I tell you it amazes me however that there are a huge number of people out there who believe that it is possible to be "converted."

Maybe converted in to a crazy person because you are forced in to living a life that is not really yours.

This is why it is troubling!

The Girl in Black said...

No doubt!

Though I do find a bit of irony in the situation.

The billboard is facing north on Topeka Blvd, within eyesight of the Expocentre. A certain zealot church organization in town is known to picket at said Expocentre for attention.

Coincidence? I don't think so. But I have also been accused of watching too many science fiction shows, and being paranoid.

Ted Carter said...

I've seen it and had the same reaction. There are far too many narrow-sighted and ignorant people in this world, and most of them seem to live right here in our fair city.

Anonymous said...

I have to drive by that sign at least once every single day on my way home from work, and it bothers me each time. My reaction to it was definitely anger at first, and then I realized just how IGNORANT that organization's members and other individuals with who believe that are. I have trouble believing that sane intelligent people could actually hold those beliefs, and feel extremely sorry for their gay/lesbian (current or "converted") relatives and friends. K-la

Ali said...

SCIENTOLOGY! They believe they can convert you too. Why are they so terrified of gay people? It's not like they want to fuck homophobes.

Missy said...

Whooo! I came in second in the get K-la to comment contest! Yay.

I for one have never understood what anyone find so scary about homosexuals. I guess it just comes down to plain old ignorance. I can't find any other viable explanation.