Friday, January 27, 2006


It occurred to me today after reviewing the past few posts that things have been a little whiny here at Babble On recently.

So lets finish that bottle and move on to something else.

My cute kids.

#2 has a boyfriend. They have shared gum (not ABC) and held hands. They enjoy playing Hyena together at Preschool. Daddy enjoys teasing her about it by throwing huge fake tantrums when she mentions her boyfriend. It is cause for much giggling and laughing which is always a good thing.

#1 got a tadpole right the day before New Year's Eve and appropriately named the tadpole New Year. It is funny..this child has an incredible imagination, but when it comes to naming things she tends to go for the obvious. Brown stuffed animal? Brownie of course, and so on. Any way this week the tadpole has pretty much totally morphed into it's tiny froglet state, and we are way excited. Now that it is a froglet, #1 ordered a fancy looking habitat and got another little froglet so New Year will have a friend.

The habitat and froglet came today and boy was it cool! They (the froglets) can't play together yet, because New Year is just a wee bit too small and newly morphed at this time. New froglet's name...Holiday. Watching the tadpole morph was pretty neat. It took about two weeks to get legs and then after that it took about a week for the arms to come out and the tail to shrink. It was wild this past week and a half because it would look noticeably different in the evening than it had in the morning.

This will make a cool science fair exhibit, and I must say that #1 is doing a cracking good job caring for her pets. Family pet count..1 cat, 1 dog, 3 fish and 2 froglets. There have been rumblings about birds and rabbits...but I think our menagerie is just fine like it is.

So that is the kiddie update. What is going on in your neighborhood?


dan g said...

Because of their accents, we Americans tend to think the British are better at everything. Not so with nicknames. They almost always go for the obvious. Seriously, ask a Brit about their classmates' nicknames. It's always something like "Fat Carl" or "Smelly Pete."

Missy said...

I will ask the next Brit I come in to contact with. Guess that means #1 would fit right in.

Wonder when she will change my name into something like "Witchy Mother"?

*Gasp* Maybe she already has!