Friday, January 13, 2006

So how was your evening?

I spent mine at Walmart and Sam's Club grocery shopping.

While we were putting away the groceries my beloved was telling me how the jar of pickles we bought rolled out of the sack but, was saved from hitting the floor and breaking into MANY small pieces by the bag's handle.

Well I was on my way to the fridge to put the jar away....

You guessed it. Slipped right out of my hands and smashed in to many little pieces all across our kitchen floor. So I got to clean it up.

Damn ceramic tile.

You should be able to view and read the post below. Hope you enjoyed my little anecdote. If you didn't just keep quiet.

1 comment:

Ted Carter said...

But did your hubby ever clean the syrup off the table, that's what I want to know.