Monday, January 23, 2006

Everything old is new again

This weekend we introduced our children to the Muppet Show. For those not in the know the first season is out on DVD. I am not sure if there are more beyond that or not.

At any rate it appears that the Muppets can hold their own with the current generation of youngsters just as well as when I was a wee one.

I have never heard #1 laugh so much at a TV show. She takes after her father, she has a good sense of humor and a true appreciation for those things comedic but it has to be pretty darn funny before she will laugh out loud. So I personally was more entertained watching the kid's reactions.

Favorite bit so far...Mnnah mmnah of course (I have NO idea how to spell that.) Can't even tally up the number of times they have wanted to watch just that bit. It has been stuck in my head all weekend. Beloved Husband and I have gotten a kick out of watching the two of them perform the song together. That is a big barrel of cuteness I gotta tell you.

Just don't ask about how much we have bent the TV limits this weekend.


Ted Carter said...

If Poopie finds out you waited this long to expose your kiddos to the Muppets, you may get a stern talking to, you know?

And also note that Poopie has the entire Time-Life Muppets series on videotape, so before you rent more, check with us.

Missy said...

Yeah, we just don't think much about TV for the kiddos.While I enjoyed the Muppet Show it was not a must see thing for me as a kid. Truthfully once I learned to read there were very few MUST SEE shows for me, I would have rather read a book. My parents spent a lot of money on books to keep me quiet. We do the Netflix thing so we don't notice the rental fee really since we pay a flat rate every month, but we will keep the offer in mind thanks!