Saturday, January 21, 2006

Confessions of a chronic job hopper

Some of you may have noticed that I have posted infrequently this week. The Scrubs Complete Second Season DVD I ordered last week came in on Wednesday and watching that has used up time I often spend on the computer composing amusing and thought provoking posts for you my devoted readers.

I apologize for my absence. However I must warn you that I have a disc and a half yet to watch so this pattern has a high probability of continuing.

On to the subject of this posting's title.

Here is a not so secret secret of mine.....

I don't tend to stay at jobs very long.

I think I now know the real reason I job hop and that is truthfully I don't want to have a job. I would much rather stay at home and take care of my family and home. I could be very content doing that full time. However that particular position does not pay money and won't cover our financial obligations.

Also, I have been working for a long time. I started having regular weekly babysitting jobs when I was 12 and held a job every day after school once I turned 15. Towards the end of high school and often through college I held down two jobs. So I have put in a fair amount of time in the job force already. I think I am ready to collect a pension now.

I have had a tendency to think/hope the grass is going to be greener in the other pasture when it comes to jobs.

I have been burned by that. More than once. Did I mention that I am a slow learner when it comes to some things?

So after being in my current position for 6 months I am once again preparing to move on to another job.

I did not really plan on this one. I really had every intention of sticking this one out for a long haul. I also did not plan for my employer to change the expectations of my position so that I did not feel that I could not perform adequately. Despite that I was going to plug along. However an opportunity presented itself and I decided to submit my resume and see what happened.

Well what happened is that less than two weeks after submitting that resume I found myself getting an offer and accepting it.

I do think this position will certainly help me meet my long term career goals (clinical licensure) and I know I will enjoy the work. (The benefits are better too 3 weeks vacation from year one, after two years it goes up to 3.5 or 4 I can't remember!From the get go!) Given this I am challenging myself to stick this one out for the long haul.

So in three weeks time I will move on to be a staff clinician at a local mental health center. So the clock will start ticking February 13.

I think I can meet this challenge.

Wish me luck.

Whew! The old saying is right...confession is good for the soul.


fozzie said...

And a pedicure is good for the sole. Waka waka waka...

Ted Carter said...

I sure hope the above cheesy response wasn't from my wife. But somehow I suspect it was...

Congrats on the new position, Missy. Hope this one lasts at least as long as you want it to!

Missy said...

Sorry can't give your wife credit for the fozzie bear response. Those honors go to my beloved.

Ted Carter said...

I should have know...

dan g said...

When I worked at the Muppets, I was surprised to learn that it's spelled, "Wocka." I'd always pictured, "Waka," like Missy's Beloved Fozzie above.

Wocka wocka wocka!