Thursday, January 26, 2006

To-Do List Scorecard

Here are the stats on my list of things that must be done at work over the next two weeks.

To Do Total: 34 Tasks
Crossed off today: 7
Added tasks today: 7

So apparently on 1/26/06 I break even.


Did I mention that one of the tasks on my list will likely take about 42 hours give or take to complete?

Not encouraging people. Not encouraging at all.

It may be time to decide what will not be detrimental if left undone prior to my departure.

It may be time to quit farting around on my blog and do some damn work.


Ted Carter said...

Keep in mind when you get to your last day, and there are some things left undone, the worst your employers can do is what? Fire you?

Missy said...

It is not so much my employer that I am worried about as it is the kids I work with. Certain things left undone by me can mean not so good things for them and I have trouble with that.

Ted Carter said...

Oh, so you have a sense of responsibility, huh? Sorry, don't know what that's like.

A said...

All I can think about right now is farting in my pants.