Monday, January 16, 2006

Why was I not offered this job?

Paris HiltonAge: 24
Earnings: $6.5 million

$7.6 million Canadian
3.7 million pounds
$8.7 million Australian
288.2 million rupees

Whether it's her peculiar pet collection or her famed feuds, the Hilton heiress is nothing if not talented tabloid-fodder. Of course, between her reality-TV experience, her best-selling novel and her own perfume, the 24-year-old isn't too shabby at making money.

I did not know that that personality was a career choice.

Had I known this I would have saved myself a bundle of money on that silly Masters Degree and made a bundle of money instead.

I have a personality, and have been told by others that it is a good one.

Just one more boat I missed I guess.

To read about others (far younger than myself and many of you who read this blog) who make ridiculous amounts of money click here.


The Girl in Black said...

One thing they didn't put in the job description...

You had to be willing to flash your cooch to the paparrazi, while drunk.

That said, $6.5M would pay for a good-looking cooch.

Missy said...

Ahhh...the cooch factor. I did not think about that. I have a better rack than she does though! That oughta count for something.