Thursday, June 01, 2006

Just in case you haven't wasted enough time reading my blog

I bring you this.

Just so you know, according to this little test I am a poor listener.

Not a very good thing for my chosen career.

Guess I had better quit my job.

It's probably about time for that anyway, after all I have been there a whole three months.

That is a long time when you measure in Missy Job Longevity Time (MJLT).

By the way credit for this little time waster goes to my good friend Tif.


earlyadopter said...

That was ridiculous. Thank you.

jLow said...

I have a great sex life! Who knew?

Ali said...

I do too! And I'm a good listener and a realist. Which just shows to go ya that this test is full of shit.