Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I have to get glasses!

This is what precious #1 has been telling everyone all evening.

Because it is true.

According to the optometrist whom she saw today the time has come.

We weren't taken at all by surprise, given her family history it has never been a matter of if, but when.

When is now.

I was not able to attend this appointment so no frames were chosen today, as #1 and Daddy felt that choosing of the first pair of glasses is something for which I should be present. So we go tomorrow afternoon to make the big choice.

I have to admit that I am a wee bit nervous about all of this. Those of you who know #1 are aware that she is not can I put this?

She is generally not too terribly concerned with her appearance, but on those occasions where she decides that she is going to be concerned the choices are...wellllll.....interesting.

I know there are many out there who would disagree and that is perfectly ok. However when your parents is po' and can only afford to buy you one pair of glasses I think neutral is the best choice. Stylish..certainly, but neutral. If we could afford more than one pair then by all means go crazy on the second pair, alas that is not the case for #1.

I am so glad that it is actually kind of cool to wear glasses now, because #1 is actually not at all bothered by this and is actually looking forward to wearing glasses.

Amazing to me. I was exactly her age when I got my first pair of glasses and I was horrified. Of course the first day I wore them to school some jerk of a boy made fun of me within 10 minutes of my arrival on the playground. I had to deal with ugly thick glasses until my parents gave in and got me contacts when I was 15. To this day I rarely wear my glasses in public. I gotta have serious issues for that, even with the new technology that means my glasses no longer resemble the bottom of a glass Coke bottle.

Ahhh..the adventures in parenting never stop.


The Girl in Black said...

I got new glasses in February, from Wal Mart, of all places.

Able to get two pair, since they were running a buy one, get another (set) half off promotion. I checked into LensCrafters... that was a joke. VERY expensive, and no breaks on multiple pairs.

The price of lenses shocked me. I have a single-vision prescription, and still paid over $100 just for the lenses! With the promotion, though, I still averaged just about $100 per pair. And that's with the no-glare coating for work and polarized lenses for the outdoor pair.

There is a place over by Best Buy that is a frame+lens=cheep. But you only have the choice of frames they have, and they ship the glasses off for manufacture. So may take up to two weeks.

This is why parenting is not for the weak. Good luck!

Ali said...

Damn, even at the free clinic I go to for eye stuff (since eye care doesn't seem to fall under something called "health insurance") cost me almost $400 for my pair...

Awww, let the kid have a little funk. She's going to outgrow them by the time she's 12 anyway.

Ted Carter said...

I agree with Ali. I try to encourage Kayla not to be too critical of the girl child's choices (even though some of them are WAAAAAY out there) because it may result in her deciding to dress like Molly Ringwald as a pre-teen.

(Snickers quietly to himself.)