Monday, June 05, 2006

Tap Dancing and Crochet


It has been a while friends.

This exercising and trying to be more active in the evenings has really cut into my blog time.

Well that and I have not felt like posting just for the sake of posting either.

Several weeks ago I purchased a book that promised to teach me to crochet.

A few days ago I purchased yarn and crochet hooks.

I have successfully mastered the chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet, and half double crochet.

Tonight I move on to the double crochet.

I tried my hand at crochet about 10 years ago with less than stellar results. Patience has never been one of my strong suits, and I was much less patient 10 years ago than I am now, so I dove into trying to crochet a blanket as my first project, without really trying to master the basics first.

Not surprisingly I never finished the blanket and got rid of my needles, yarn, etc, shortly after I had #1 and could not wrap my tiny brain around ever having time to indulge in something like crochet again.

This time I am taking the slow approach, and plan to do a very simple first project once I have the basic stitches down pretty well.

I will keep you posted and perhaps share a few photos of my efforts as well.

I will also be starting an adult tap class this fall.

Yup it is true. #2's dance teacher approached me about it today and I agreed.

Thought it might be fun, and hope that it will help #2 decide to stick with dance for a while longer.

Yet another tough parenting deal. When do you say, "OK" when your child says they want to stop an activity that they are good at, and is good for them to continue to participate in?

It's a tough call. On the one hand I want my daughter to feel that she has power and choice in her life.

On the other hand...she's 5. Dance is boring right now because the recital is a week away, they are rehearsing upwards of three times a week doing the same 2 dances they have been working on since August. The truth is that things you like and are good at are boring sometimes, but that is not necessarily a reason to stop. Building a skill takes perseverance, and at her age are intelligent people so I don't have to spell it out. When we are not in heavy prep for performance she seems to enjoy herself and we find her practicing steps around the house in her free time. So this year parental rank is being pulled and we are signing her up for another year and myself for a class as well.

That gives us one more year to decide when is enough...enough.

For tonight I believe this is enough.



Ali said...

That's awesome! I want to take tap!

I actually wish my parents had pushed me harder to stay in things. I'd give my left teat to be able to sing...

Ted Carter said...

Ali - Why the left?

Missy - My parents always said I had to stick with anything I did for at least one year. So, I did do a lot of switching around when it came to sports, but on the upside I tried soccer and softball and football and who knows what else; whereas a lot of my friends only tried one sport.

Kayla and I have decided to say that each of the kids have to be involved in at least one extracurricular activity at all times. Doesn't matter what it is; just something extracurricular.

I think the Man Cub is going to try explosives construction next...