Monday, June 26, 2006

Free Shipping!

Sometimes when I can't think of a title for a blog post, or a subject for an e-mail I just type in the first thing that catches my eye on or around the screen of the computer I am working from.

It kind of confuses people at work sometimes.

The wedding went off quite beautifully. #2 was too adorable for words of course and did a great job in her first (and likely only) stint as a flower girl.

I found just the pair of shoes I was looking for mere hours before the ceremony, so everyone can rest easy now knowing that I did not show up in my "fancy goin' to a weddin' dress" sporting my Old Navy flip flops. (OK. Technically I did show up at the church in my dress and flip flops, only because my toes had just been painted moments before our departure. I changed before the ceremony into my fabulous new silver strappy sandals. I love them. I want to wear them with everything, but they look a little funny with my work out clothes. They also aren't too comfortable for treadmill walking. Maybe if I didn't do the incline....)

I am ready for some down time now. We have had something family oriented going on every night for a week now. I can't remember the last time my children got to bed on time, and it is beginning to show in the nightly performance of, "I am so past the point of exhaustion that everything makes me cry hysterically" show starring #2. Playing at the same theatre is the, " I am really tired and refuse to admit it therefore I am going to grouch and give everyone who speaks to me the stink eye" show starring #1. The performances start at about 7:30 every night at Chez Us. Call now for tickets before they are gone!

That is all I have friends. Not much to blog about these days it seems. So much so that I have pondered putting this blog to rest lately...since I seem to have slurped up what little creative juice I had stored in the refrigerator of my mind.

Eh..who knows..maybe I can just run out to the store.


Ted Carter said...

It seems most of us in our collective little blog circle are experiencing similar bouts of nothing interesting to say, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Unlike children, the blog won't die if you neglect it for weeks at a time...

Ali said...

No stopee the blogee, says I. Even reading ABOUT nothing is more fun than reading nothing.