Thursday, June 08, 2006

That's my girl!

It's done!

Frames were picked out in 15 minutes flat.

They are fun, with little flower beads on the temple pieces, yet simple and quite becoming to my darlin' #1.

We did a great big comparison and I did not make comment when the funky pair made it in to the pool.

If she is like me, (and Lord I hope she isn't because I will have to take on a second job) we will be picking out new glasses at minimum every two years.

Seeing as I only buy glasses for myself every 10 years or so I forget how much more they cost as opposed to contacts. I had to go home and change after we got the total.

June is starting to be a very eventful month for this here family.

Dance recital next week, followed by a visit from great-grandparents from Ohio and an great aunt, uncle and cousin from St. Louis. THEN the next weekend my baby brudder gets married.
MARRIED, and #2 is on to be a flower girl in the cutest lil' red dress you everdidsee.

That being said I don't think my posting ratio will be improving any time soon.

I do encourage you to check out one of the many blogs beloved has going on.

Klawhammur Wade through the spelling it is worth it I promise.

JP Sousa Political and witty.

I am pretty sure there will be at least two more coming soon.

You ask a guy to start a blog and wind up with 6 of them.


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