Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I got nuthin'

Not much to report on here.

Let me see in the two plus weeks since I last posted I have:

  • Created a dance titled, "It's Time to go to Sleep" that I perform for #1 before I tuck her in much to her horror. I keep offering to let her have friends sleep over so I can show them. For some reason she is not biting...
  • I turned 38 years old.
  • Went on a mini-vacation with some friends and their children to an indoor waterpark.
  • Finally gotten the estimate and check for repairs on my car that was wrecked in January
  • Have sort of made a decision to look at getting a new car, but not until we find out what the state budget is going to do to k-12 education and my BH's income. Hence the sort of. If the news is bad I will be repairing the car.
  • Sloooowwlly getting back in to exercising regularly.
  • Have been not so patiently waiting for a full on vacation that happens in July and will involve time at the beach.
  • Bought a really boring swimsuit. Apparently 30 pounds less of me did not equal comfort with buying a suit that was not a basic black one piece "mom suit."
  • Neglected my blog.

What have you done over the past two weeks?

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