Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 2. With Ibis! I think.And porpoise! But no proof of porpoise.

So! Day 2. Started off with Ibis after breakfast. I think they are Ibis. Anyone out there able to identify birds? We don't see these kinda birdies in the Midwest so it was exciting.

After the mystery to us birds it was off to Kennedy Space Center! We saw many cool spacey things. I think my favorites were the Hubble 3-D IMAX movie. Even if Leonardo DiCaprio's mellow voice and many dark shots at the end nearly lulled my slightly sleep deprived self to dreamland. I also found the Rocket Garden to be pretty cool.

After the space center it was to the Beach. Alas my precious beach time was cut short due to a thunderstorm. But if there hadn't been a thunderstorm, we wouldn't have gone exploring and found this little gem!

Eventually the rain moved off and it was back to the beach! Much frolicking in the waves. There were even two porpoise swimming nearby. Unfortunately I was not able to capture them on film. But it was very exciting!

Tomorrow we depart Cocoa Beach and head for Orlando, and Themeparkalooza 2010.
But not until after I get my toes in that ocean one more time. Think we have decided to come back to visit Cocoa Beach one more time before we depart Saturday. LOVE IT HERE.
I had to sit on my hands to keep myself from making ridiculous calls on real estate I saw available near the beach. But man would I love a beach house. Lottery where are you when I need you?

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