Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Technical Difficulty

Having some technical difficulty in the photography area.
Will hopefully return tomorrow with make-up photo posts.
I appreciate my two readers patience.


Dan said...

Seriously. WTF? I mean, if I can update my blog nearly once a quarter, I think you can probably give me something once a day!

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. I got out of my van under the bridge (down by the river) and walked all the way up the hill to steal signal from the waffle house to get?


Dammit! We have expectations now!

You are making it awful hard for a internet troll to make a honest living here dear.

Missy said...

I know I know. I accidentally washed my SD card, and my spare is all wonky. Haven't had time to go out and purchase another. It didn't occur to me to just do some cell phone shots to keep the "masses" happy. I appreciate your patience.