Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The True Meaning of Art

Bonjour Fair Reader(s)!

I know......it has been far too long. Alas my time has been occupied with all the events that seem to come at the end of the school year....more recently preparing for, taking, and returning from a 5 day trip to see Beloved's family in Ohio. That my friends is no small feat in my world. You see when I am preparing to travel my brain is overcome with the idea that if something is forgotten there is no way I can remedy the situation wherever it is I am going. I get some kind of weird amnesia-like syndrome that makes me think there are no stores wherever it is I am going. I'm working on it.

So this post will be short-ish because we just arrived home late this afternoon after spending way too many hours in a car.

I just want to share this little bit of information courtesy of #2.

The other night she was drawing in a journal-type book. I asked her about the artwork and she replied that the book was the true meaning of art. I then asked her what is the true meaning of art? #2 stated that it was hard to explain, but the true meaning of art is doing art the best way that you can in the way that you like.

Works for me.

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Valerie said...

That's awesome!