Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Vigilance is called for

Boy that #2 is just full of interesting comments lately.

Here are 2 count 'em TWO just from today:

This one was directed at Beloved after he enforced the Snow Bear Stays Home Except on Overnight Visits to Someone's House Rule. After moments of pouty silence in the car..."Daddy you just don't have any room in your heart for love."

The next one was directed at me as we walked home from the grocery store. We are walking along and #2 is giving me some love pats on the stomach. Then....."Mommy your tummy looks like you are going to have a baby. I am not trying to say you are fat or anything...but your tummy does look like you could have a baby."

You had best believe I whipped out and completed the Pilates DVD tonight after a vigorous session on the treadmill.

If only she had said something BEFORE I consumed that half carton of Ben and Jerry's after dinner.

In the interest of equal exposure let us discuss #1 for a moment.

She is currently learning how to ride a bike sans training wheels. Yes I do recognize that this is a skill that should have been mastered a few years ago...but you must take in to consideration the fact that she has lazy parents. So stopping is a challenge for her. She tends to just try to jump off the bike instead of using the brakes. Something she comes by naturally. According to legend when I was going through the same learning process instead of stopping using the brakes I would steer in to the grass and jump off. She is making good progress. Only hit one parked car and tonight nearly rode straight on to a busy street. I have learned not to watch as she and Beloved practice. Unfortunately tonight I happened to look up just as she was about to go into the busy street. You probably heard me scream "OH MY GOD" at your house. Regardless of what state you live in. I gotta hand it to #1 once she gets her eye on the prize she sticks with it 'til she takes it home. So I imagine if her parents discontinue their lazy ways and keep up the practice sessions she will be riding in no time. If you see her ask about the Zen practices she uses to help her stop successfully using her brakes. It is facinating.

On a totally random note....check out this CD.

Be sure to listen to the samples. Everyone should have their veryown copy.

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