Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dancing Queen

Hello reader(s)!

Oh so much has happened since we last were together.

Where shall I start?

Dance Recital:
Yours truly participated in the yearly dance recital our particular dance studio puts on each year. I got up there and tap danced to a Bon Jovi tune while WEARING a Bon Jovi T-shirt. (I wore jeans too, lest you think we put a Risky Business twist on the ordeal). I didn't die from the exposure either. Never been a Bon Jovi fan so I am glad to be done with it. Y'all who have been readin' for a while know that ol' Missy gets picky about music sometimes.

Garage Sale:
Been planning on and pulling junk out for one of these almost a year now and finally got it done. Made about a $100 bucks. Kiddoes made out like bandits selling lemonade, bottled water, stuffed animals, and their old playhouse.

Saw a grown-up movie:
Took some of the cash from the abovementioned sale and went out to dinner and saw Knocked-Up. Enjoyable movie. Would have been even more enjoyable had we not been concerned about the family with children who were ohhhhh about 6-9 years old behind us. Much material that is inappropriate for children in this movie. Please note: If you are having to tell your child to cover eyes and ears every few minutes....probably not a good choice for a family outing.

Got a new camera:
7.1 megapixels, image stabilization, bells, whistles, and DUCT TAPE FREE. Soon as I get software and etc loaded I hope to post a few pictures.

That's all for now folks!


Ali said...

Why, WHY, do people take their kids to adult movies? Seriously, it makes my blood boil like little else. (Except those people who fill their baby's bottle with soda... or teeth them with Funyuns... or grab them by the hair... all of which I've seen.)

Missy said...

Soda in the baby bottle makes my head explode. In my line of work I see that shit a LOT.