Monday, June 25, 2007

My feets have grown!

So I went to buy some sandals this weekend since we have BOGO going on at Payless.

I was at the mall for some other items and decided to hit the Payless there. I tried on a rather cute pair of sandals in what I assumed was my size.

They were too small.

So I tried on a different style in what I was still assuming was my size, because of course the first pair was just a fluke.

Too small.

Apparently my feet have grown, or as my husband suggested they have resized at Payless.

I was confused by this need for a bigger size as one would assume that my other shoes in what I considered my usual size do not seem to be too small.

It is a mystery.

I gotta give props to good ol' Payless. Not only do they have a mean BOGO sale, BUT if the store does not have the shoe you wish to purchase in your size they will call other stores, hold the pair for you at the other store, still give you half off the second pair that is being bought at a different store AND give you an additional $1 off for your trouble. My second pair of sandals was under $4 and it wasn't so much trouble because I was going to the other side of town anyway. Go Payless. Their shoes and selection are much better than they used to be back when I was much younger.

In other news...

I keep having recurring dreams about Zach Braff wanting to be my boyfriend.
Not unpleasant...but weird.


Ali said...

Oooh, I've heard me some scandalous things about Zach Braff...

Missy said...

Now that is not are obligated to provide details.

dan g said...

I don't give a hoot about Zach Braff, but your feet might seem bigger because your arches are falling.

Missy said...

Oh Dan, this blog is a safe place to share your true feelings. It is ok to admit that you will be checking back frequently to see what dirt Ali has about Zach Braff. Really, let go Dan.. we don't judge here.

Hmmm...I have no way to tell if my arches are falling, but I suppose 'tis possible seeing as how I am old nowm and it does seem a likely explanation. At least my tits and ass are still perky.