Friday, July 20, 2007

I so should be in bed asleep right now

It is official now I think that I will NEVER go to bed at a reasonable hour. It is time to face facts. Never gonna happen my friends.

I am not in bed yet because I have just spent way more time than I should watching the latest DVD I received from Netflix.

I started watching the Gilmore Girls on DVD several months ago and by golly I am hooked but good now. I have resorted to secretly rearranging the Netflix queue so that I will get my DVD quicker. (Beloved doesn't read this blog anymore right?) I will also apparently stay up ridiculously late watching the entire damn DVD the day I get it. I really need to get a social life or something I guess.

Not much is new around here. #2 is preparing for her very first time to have a friend over to spend the night. The big event takes place tomorrow. I wish I had a video of the little happy dance she does every time she tells me how long it is until the big event. Quite cute and funny I must say. Many plans are in order..swimming...movies...giggling and tremendous amounts of silliness I have no doubt. Not much sleeping will take place to be sure.

#1 apparently is going to take after her mother and become extremely near-sighted. As you may have read around this time last year #1 got her first pair of glasses. She had her annual eye exam yesterday and she already needs a new prescription. Thank the sweet baby Jesus that we can just get new lenses and forgo new frames this time. Pretty sure glasses for #2 are just around the corner. Bullet dodged this year, however she is doing the same thing her sister did at this age and going all 20\20 vision, when she should still be far-sighted. At this rate we are going to have to take out a second mortgage or put the children to work to pay for the vision needs of this family. They are pretty cute, we could probably get a good haul if we put 'em on a corner with a will work for eyewear sign.

Other than that I got nuthin' folks. Quiet times at Chez Us.

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b h said...

So that's why I haven't been getting any of my movies through Netflix.