Thursday, November 20, 2008

I don't even know where to begin

Mymymymymymy MY.

Have you ever been off of your regular schedule for so long that it is nearly impossible to remember what it was like to have your normal schedule?

I do believe I have reached that point.

The fall musical ended Sunday. It went over very VERY well. A good time was had by all participants.

On Monday we jumped right in to rehearsals for a radio show production of "It's a Wonderful Life." We will be broadcasting live on KTWU (channel 11 if you live in my neck of the woods) on December 17. Show time is 7:00. Myself, #2, and BH will all be performing. #1 opted out of this one. #2's bestest bud will be performing too.

So that it what has kept me from the ol' blog. I figured that a constant stream of whine about how tired and overextended we are would get boring fast. I am already bored by it.

So here are a few things that have been on my mind while I have been gone....

I was of course extremely excited by the outcome of the presidential election. I have never been so nervous about an election ever. I was near obsessive over it that day. I am still excited. I would be even more excited if I was getting fewer e-mails from a certain organization that I donated to during the campaign. A remove me from your e-mail list may be in the future.

I really want to see a movie. A grown up movie. With my BH. Preferably after he takes me out to a nice sit down dinner.

If I have to eat another meal that comes out of a fast food bag I just may indeed saw my own leg off with a dull knife. It is that desperate.

We still have a huge bowl full of Halloween Candy. Still. Even after pawning it off on unsuspecting cast members.

I am actually looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. Four whole days with no work and no rehearsal. What is even dinner at my house this year. I am Tha-rilled I tell ya.

There are surely other things that have been on my mind, but I can't think of them right now.

What is new with you? Tell me. I am really interested. Truly.


Shari Schmidt said...

Tag you're it! Visit my blog to see..

Poetikat said...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving without the bulk of the responsibility. I laughed at your comment about sawing your leg off. My world's been crazy lately too (I just lost my dad) and I'm just getting back to (pseudo) normality. Blogging is a relief.


Ali said...

First off, how is it possible that you still have Halloween candy? Clearly I haven't visited your house...

Second, CONGRATS ON ALL THE ACTIN'! I wish I could be there to see you all.

And third, whining and complaining about being overextended never gets old! (She says with some anxiety, looking at her own blog.)