Sunday, May 17, 2009

What?? It only took me 11 years!!

As of September of this year it will be 11 years since I completed my Masters Degree.

This week I FINALLY completed the requirements necessary to get my clinical license.

I have had a regular old license as a professional counselor, the CLINICAL license means I jumped through hoops for almost three years and passed another test. It also means I can practice independently.

So why has it taken me soooooo looonnng?


I got my degree in California, and Kansas licensing requirements are different and I had to take 2 more classes. That took a while because I was busy having babies and trying to work.

My first clinical supervisor died and I did not have verification of hours/supervision/etc.

I took a hiatus from clinical work to be a state employee/office monkey. (That was a really bad decision by the way.)

After my hiatus I worked at a job for 8 months that kept promising, but never followed through with clinical supervision.

It took me a several months in to my current job to get my shit together and start the process all over again.

At any rate it is done now. The application is turned in. I paid an outrageous application fee, that will soon be followed by paying MORE outrageous fees for the exam and then the actual license.

Whew. I will be glad to have the rest of this process signed, sealed, and delivered.

Then I have to figure out what my next educational/career goal will be. I feel naked without one.


Lindsey said...

Congrats girly!!! I'm so proud of you :)

Shari said...

Who cares how long it took. You did it!

Valerie said...


Missy said...

Thanks all! Now I need some studying juju to get me through until the exam.