Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Summer Vay-Cay Days 1-2

This year BH and I decided to go crazy and take a vacation BY OURSELVES. As in NO CHILDREN. We have not been on a vacation sans children since..weeellll....since we had children.
As I stated a few times in other recent posts, I was a little twitchy about being away from my babies for so long, but of course it all worked out fine.

I am very glad that we made our first trip to New York without the children. By the end of the first full day we really understood just how different the trip would have been had they been along. Not that it would have been an awful vacation or anything, it just would have been very different.

This post may not be very exciting for many of you. I am ok with that. Above all else this blog is my scrapbook, journal, whatever you want to call it of my life. Sometimes I gotta do some posts that are mostly for me. This one and those to follow are precisely that. However you are of course welcome to peruse my scrapbook at your leisure.

Now let's get down to business.

Day one of our vacation actually took place only an hour from home in Good ol' KC. As anyone who reads this blog or for that matter anyone who had a conversation with me over the past month or so knows that I had to take a big licensing exam this month. I decided (why I will NEVER know) to take it right before we left of vacation. So the morning of day one, was spent test taking and TEST ROCKING. Yes sirree I rocked that bad boy. So to celebrate BH and I went to see the first of TWO movies that day.

You read that right. We went to the movie theater TWICE in ONE DAY. I am lucky if I go to see a movie twice in a year these days. So let me tell you this seemed like the highest level of decadence. We first saw Away We Go. GREAT movie. Go see it. You won't be sorry. We went to the Fork and Dine theater for that one. They bring you food while you watch the movie. I so love that. The Fork and Dine theater is nice, but it ain't nothin' compared to the Cinema Suites. OOOohh how I do love the Cinema Suites. If I had my way we would see EVERY movie there. The Cinema Suites are only for adults, they have extremely comfortable leather recliners, and again they bring you food while you eat! All seats are reserved and the theater only holds about 40 people. I love love love going there. The best part is that the tickets are $20, but of that $20, $10 is a voucher for food. We saw The Proposal there. Enjoyable, but really you can probably wait for it to come out on DVD. Unless you have access to the Cinema Suites. Then go. See whatever they are playing. It won't matter if the movie is crap. LEATHER RECLINING SEATS AND FOOD PEOPLE!!! No more needs to be said.

The next day we got up at the top of the ass crack of dawn to catch our flight to NYC. We wanted to get there early. We did get in around 11:00 AM. Unfortunately for us we were the last people to be dropped off of a very full and CREEPILY quiet shuttle van. Man. No one said a word the entire trip and it was long. We were on that bad boy for about an hour and a half. I had to practically bite through my tongue not to be a complete geeky tourist. "Look! Times Square!" "Look! The Empire State Building!" "LOOK! Rockefeller Center!" All these things had to be said in my head.

By the time we got to the hotel we were more than sick of sitting and starving.

Let's get to some pictures to tell the rest of the day's story shall we?

Happy BH eating a Shack Burger. A good burger cures crankies every time!
Our first meal took place at the Shake Shack which was conveniently located a few blocks from our hotel. This is apparently a famous joint and the line was long, but apparently only by our Midwestern standards. The burgers and fries were delicious, but the shakes. My GOD the shakes. We were told that they were out of chocolate frozen custard and that nearly sent me into the vapours. However they recommended as an alternative the black and white shake. Oh dear LORD. I never thought I would utter the words, "I am so GLAD they were out of chocolate." But I did and I meant it. That black and white shake was a little cup of heaven let me tell you.
After some lunch it was time to see my good friend ALI, her delicious little boy, and always charming husband. They showed us around their hood and treated us to a delicious dinner, and some powerful Oprah style Sangria. The conversation and company were thoroughly delightful. We got to spend some time with DAN too who was fortunately able to join us. A very pleasant evening to be sure, and a great way to start our NY experience.
A rare sighting of Missy and her BH. This was in front of the Intrepid located on Hudson Bay.
I regret that I did not get a picture of the view from Ali's balcony because it is quite a sight to behold.
Ali and Dan escorted us back to the hotel and showed us how to navigate the subway. They were gracious enough to indulge our tourist moments.

Wow! Two pictures of me in one post. This is unheard of. But it is not every evening that I find myself in Times Square with such a handsome man!

Thus ended our first two days of vacation. By the time this photo was taken, I in particular was beginning to fade after two very early mornings and two very crappy nights of sleep. Our hotel bed was soooo comfy.

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