Monday, September 21, 2009


I survived my first specator parent experience.

#2 had her first basketball game over the weekend. Her team is scrappy I tell ya! Scrappy! Those little girls were not afraid to take the ball any time the other team managed to get their hands on it, which was not often. #2's team won 22-0. That is no typo friends. That was the final score.

I clapped, but did not holler at my child. I have to maintain my dignity doncha know.

In other news, last week showed much improvement over the previous one despite a very bumpy start.

Once again I am dying to go in to detail, but smarts keeps me from doing so on here. Dang, I do often lament the really interesting blog I could have if I could share more information.

In a about a week or so I think it will be safe to announce some upcoming Big! Changes! For! Me!

Too bad that the changes won't be as exciting for all of you as they will be for me. But you are a kind and loving audience who no doubt will get over it soon.

Hey, did I tell you about my totally weird dream the other night?

I dreamt that I was taking an algebra class, and it was taught by my high school algebra teacher. He was much more pushy in my dream and did not let me get away with my complete inability to comprehend algebra. Several times in the dream I thought I was going to cry but didn't. That dream seemed really long and when I woke I was really grouchy that I had spent my night trying to learn algebra.

Especially since I now know that I am right and I NEVER use it in my adult life.

Because I have a mathematically inclined husband who can help the children with their math homework.

I knew what I was doing when I married that man.

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