Saturday, September 05, 2009

Wide World of Sports

BH and I are not athletic people.

We don't watch sports, play sports, or in truth really care at all about sports.

We have no teams that we support or care about.

Being Midwesterners, that sometimes puts us on the oddball scale. Particularly when there is a KU vs K-State game on the horizon. Saying you could care less about who wins, or failure to declare a loyalty puts you on par with aliens, or baby stealers, and the like. People just don't understand.

When we were expecting #s 1 and 2, we used to always joke that we artsy fartsy theater loving people were going to give birth to the most tremendous sports loving jocks on the face of the planet. That is how things work right?

Well that hasn't exactly come to pass. Our youngest is 8 years old and we are about to make our first foray in the world of "Parents Whose Child Participates in a Team Sport."

Y'see #2 has decided that she would like to play basketball this year. Never one to discourage a valid interest we signed her up.

Now I wonder what have we gotten in to? We will have to attend practice once a week and go to games once a week. GAMES. Where we have to watch and pay attention. There will be cheering on involved.

I am going to be totally out of my element.

I bet I can count on one hand the number of sporting event I have attended as an adult. I have NO INTEREST. NONE. DON'T CARE.

I assume because my child is involved that this will increse my level of interest.

However there is one thing that worries me greatly....

Cheering on.

I. Don't. Cheer.


I also never never E-V-E-R clap along with music at concerts and performances.

Because I HATE THAT.

I am no good at audience participation. I flat out refuse. I will be the only one standing there mute and unmoving and I am ok with that. Perfectly ok.

Until now.

There is going to be much pressure to cheer on.

Of course my anxious irrational self is coming out and imagining the horror and evil things I will do to my darling child because I don't holler out and cheer and participate with the rest of the audience.

Oh Lordy.

I should have just signed her up for dance and told her to live with it.


Go #2!


Woo Hoo.

Can I just Twitter my support?

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filthEdesign said...

lol! :) i totally understand, except i played some sports as a child (before tryouts were involved!) :) and my husband is a sports fan (more of a background noise kind of spectator than a 'this is MY time' kind of guy). i've picked up on way too much over the years so i can hold a decent conversation about way too many sports :) but alas, i don't care :)

being a single mom for 8 years, i didn't get my kid into sports until he was almost 9 (which as i'm sure you know is pretty much too late in this part o'the country, hell any part of the country). but got him into sports that were competition with self - tae kwon do and swimming.

in 6th grade he wanted to play basketball...we do live in lawrence after all - rock chalk and whatever...and he's a social kid so team sports do make sense. it's hard to watch though, he's not at all aggressive (which oddly enough we raised him as such!)

it's different with boys though too i bet...john doesn't want anyone to know we're his parents and he doesn't even hear us if we do cheer :)

so long story short...after her games, just ask her if she heard you cheering for her and tell her she did a great job :) she'll just be thrilled that you're there supporting her :)